The Learning Academy

Click below to sign up for a unique learning experience. We are offering you free access to our exclusive training programme, the Learning Academy, comprising four hours of expert webinars. All the tutorials in the course are guided and designed by world-class traders and educators.

This is a structured learning course, divided into four topics essential to successful trading. Build your experience and monitor your progress with quizzes throughout the programme. The core topics are:

  • Money Management: Do you know your investment aims? What is your timeframe? How can you measure your success over time?
  • Technical Analysis: How do you read a chart? What do the different indicators mean? How can you base trading decisions on market activity?
  • Fundamental Analysis: How do you read a balance sheet? What can cash-flow tell you? How can you measure qualitative factors?
  • Trading Strategies: How do you build a trading strategy? How do you stick to it? Does your strategy meet your investment aims?

You will also be given free access to the trading course when you open a Demo Account, as we believe this is the best way to build your experience and become a better trader.